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When a new born enter the world with a new life, parents also starts living a new life. As needs is the mother of invention, a new born also needs a lot of care and love during their growth stage and for these parents try to provide them all they need. Babies need a lot of gear in their growing years of life. Babies are the delicate part of every parent’s life as of which one love their child, care them and bent of doing so. Parents begin to see the light of their children requirements. Also, babies need relevant things for proper managements while doing something. In this new emerging world of gadgets taking care of babies has became smoother.


In this emerging era of technology our life is becoming more and more comfortable. But it’s a bitter pill to swallow that with the increase in technological gadgets humans are also facing accidents and difficult situations. To prevent such accidents and to protect children, infant car seats can be proved as silver bullets to prevent injuries to child. With these inventions a sense of camaraderie is being developed between science and humans. These seats ae crafted specially for infants & children to save them from any kind of physical harm & injury in case of any vehicle mishap or collisions. Parents generally purchase these car seats and install them in their car on their own.


Infant car seat provides passive restraints. These seats are made of tough plastics that are flexible and do not break easily.  The plastic used are polypropylene. Beside these things some unique structures like latch & buckle plates, adjuster designed to fix the harness, clips & locking blocks are also required for making infant car seats. Fabrics and vinyl used as cover are tested to withstand flammability and also washable. The threads, foams and each material have to withstand the same test and should be flame resistant and flexible. The much more subjective thing is child’s comfort. These seats are also attached with metal frame which provide more protection to the child. Different age groups of children are provided with different kind of seats with special features and are well designed. Plastics used for making this are hard in nature and are flexible to overcome the breakage during jerks, foams employed to the seats for the comfortability of the child. Though the seats are not integrated with air bags, but curtain bags are there for the safety. Apart from that, these seats get high quality padding of cotton & foam, full fabric coves, auto locking buckles & attaching systems. Some seats have five-point boosters.


Infant Car seats are of wide variety & kinds. And they mostly vary In shape, size & design as per the age of the child, position of the seat as well as the seat’s size.

Generally, the car seats are categorized into four groups. This will help the parents to pick the suitable one for their child according to their weight, size and shape. Babies will also feel comfortable if the seat is as per their body and it will be safe for them.

Seat Groups Group 0 (Infant carriers) Group 1 (Convertible seats) Group 2 (Combination seats) Group 3  
Description Group 0 baby seats are also known as infant carriers. These seats help to maintain the baby in correct posture & locks the baby in a rear-facing position & there is also an adult seat belt to insure extra protection. It fits the babies whose age falls between 0 month to 15 months or about 10 kgs. It keeps the baby lying on its back in the back seat of the car so that the child be secured by both the belts and are easy to handle. These seats are user friendly & easily let the parents take the babies in & out of the vehicle.   These seats are designed for babies who cannot sit in their regular sitting position or the babies suffering from some ailments like Apnea or premature infants. Group 0 seats distribute the restrain over the child’s head and the central axis of the body keeping the limbs free to move in case of a crash. Due to collision, when jerk occurs it’s been absorbed by the restrain. Group 1 seats are convertible seats. These seats can be set facing either side rear or front, but it is recommended that children must be rear-facing minimum till the age of four years because rear-facing seats are safer in collisions occurred by front of the car which are more injurious and can also cause death. Up of that adult seat belt are also used to keep it it in place and harness the infant. Rear-facing group 1 seats are very significant as it insures the safety of the baby and are easy to fold and convertible.   Group2 seats are a bit larger than the group 1 seats design. With these seats’ children are secured with an adult seat belt in their place. These seats are also convertible into both forward facing and rear facing. In some countries it is legal to fix the seat rear facing. These seats are becoming insanely popular for child safety but still their availability is restricted to some countries around the globe. Group 2 seats are employed with air bags which help to soak the restrain during jerk or collision; these can be changed by removing some webbing into a belt positioning booster   `Group 3 seats can be said to as booster seats. These seats help the child to be in position. Rest to that the seat belt keep it in right position for comfort & safety. Booster seats are used by children till they grow enough to use the adult seat properly. If a child use adult seat it can cause injuries and fractures in collar bone and hips as it is too big and loose for children. To overcome this, booster seat is fixed to the car seats such that the adult seat belt cover across the collar bone and the hips. Booster seats lift the child a bit for comfortability and security.   Majorly two kinds of booster seats are found:   High back: – it has foams in it which absorbs the energy.   No back: –     it has no foams. It is rigid connectors to insure stability on jerks.
Position: laying, rear facing, curtain air bags.   sitting, forward facing or rear facing, curtain air bags sitting, forward facing or rear facing
Approx. weight birth to 10 kgs 9 kgs to 18 kgs 15 kgs to 25 kgs
Approx. age 0 to 15 months   9 months to 4 years 4 years to 6 years


Modern days are making each and everyone busy. Parents do not have that much of time to spent and loose energy by hanging children with them. New technologies providing devices to parents making their life easier. These devices are being proved as best friends to the parents as it saves time and energy. These seats are very important in parenting life.

It has been modernized according to the needs and requirements keeping in mind the safety of child and to prevent injury while collisions and jerks. Children also try to move towards the window of car and car seats restrict them for doing that so that the child does not get harmed. These seats are like buckets devices that keep the baby safe while parents are driving. When parents hold their child, it becomes difficult for them to work, bent, while travelling in a car. Car seats are easy to fold. Car seats are sometime mandatory for the travelling duties of the parent. It has been proven that when a child is in a car seat, they tend to stay safe in case of car accidents. Car seats can hold new born and the infants facing backwards and cradled downwards. The seats can be adjusted as per the requirements that are it can be adjusted to sit the child facing forward and upright.

Research by a well-known healthcare & child care reach the conclusion of the study that vehicle crashes & accident is the main reason behind the mishap death of the most of the children. car seats reduce the risk of injury and death as compared to seat belts. Car seats help to protect the brain and spinal cord from injury. Hence, every parent should make their car well restrained by infant car seats.



While collisions, children can face injuries both internal and external such as brain swelling, bleeding, seizures, and paralysis. To resist such unwanted suffering, headrests foam and neck pillow are proved to be a boon. It decreases the risk of fractures in neck and keeps their soft brain safe. Abrupt jerking motions can be fatal; foams soak the stress caused due to the jerk. Neck cushions restrict the movements of head helping in reducing the risk of fractures in neck bone.


Parents generally thought of what will happen to the child when they brake hard. Chest pads are rectangular shaped foams attached across the chest area of the child to prevent series of abrupt forward movement hence prevents injury. This absorbs and removes forces while jerking.


Accidents may occur from any side and not always from front. For the protection of child, one should be careful and keep in mind that collisions can also be sidewise. For this, side wings are the best option to employ in a child car seat which maintains the alignment. It protects the back and head reducing the impact of force created during collision.


A seat with five-point harness must be the priority for every parent. It wraps the child in a better way to prevent loss to the baby. It covers the hips, legs and shoulder portion in a well protected way. It locks the baby when straps and bound tight.


After protection from injury and comfortability parents should be aware of maintaining hygiene. Removable covers and changeable foams can help a child in preventing diseases.


Shaky seats can cause accidents to children. Parents should ensure the seat is not moving or shaking and are tightened properly to keep the baby safe reducing the risk of hurting a child