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Parenting is a very difficult work to care grow love and teach a child or children as a parent. In one hand parenting is difficult but in another hand, it’s the best feeling in the world to be a parent.

Being a parent Mother or Father its come with great feeling and responsibilities, Responsibilities to grow their child and to support them develop them in their infant stage, and to guide them in their adult age. Parenting is the best feeling because in the process of a parent in making people learn how to take care of new life or their young ones. Though parenting a tough task in this new era of technology it’s made a little bit easier for a mother to take care to her child.


Things such as a cradle, feeding bottles, breast milk sucker, diapers, baby walker, stroller etc. Makes the work of mother little bit easier while taking care of her child. CRADLE is the safe place for newborn babies and its slow to and fro movement give them the feeling of her/his mother’s lap. FEEDING BOTTLES is very useful for mothers to feed their child. BREAST MILK SUCKER is boon for those mothers whose babies don’t suck the milk of their own and also for office going/working mom. DIAPERS are very useful and comfortable for newborns because they urinate frequently and it’s not easy to change paints frequently or every at nights and outing.  BABY WALKER is best to teach a child to walk. When it comes to STROLLER its very usefully while going out with babies who are more than 6 months in age.


For carrying a child in malls and markets or any other outer place strollers are very convenient and comfortable and easier of handling a child, when the child grows up his/her weight increases it become difficult for a parent to take the weight for long hours so having a baby carriage is the best option. Strollers are a portable comfortable and safe place to keep babies. When it comes to buying a stroller for our own child its become a difficult and confusing task, difficult to chose which type is best and confusing to select which has more features and of good quality.


The stroller should be a lightweight, strong, durable, comfortable seat, adjustable, best for safety and space. It should be suitable for active day, having adjustable handles locking wheels which have a better grip on the road while traveling. It must be lightweight so that parent will not feel uncomfortable while moving, having an umbrella on it will make on more benefit of shadow during summers. If it has adjustable handles for easier use. It’s better to buy a little bigger stroller for space so that it will be better to keep a few things which are required for baby as well as a parent. One of the most important factors to have in mind is the safety of kids it should have parking brake a suitable for parents and not be easily accessible by a parent.


Kids are priceless and important for their parent. Being a parent one should check the quality of stroller. Because mainly thing work well without load but when it’s get filed its might get broken or doesn’t work properly. Always consider the weight and of your child while buying it. It should be foldable and easy to carry and storage. Always check that type will fill your requirement or not if one having more than one kid can buy double sitter or being a mother of three kids can buy three sitters. It should be stronger and lightweight and of good quality. And never forget to check it seats handles brakes and wheels.

When the stroller is for newborn babies parent should make sure that its have an inclined seat to support their small kid and made a comfortable seat for the infant. It will be appropriate for baby’s up to 6 months because at that time infants are not completely developed to seat straight for long by their own, as they are on their developing age best care should be taken for their postures.


  • COMFORT: – for a comfortable trip for the kid, It can be made more comfortable by adding a cushion, blankets, and pads for them to lie down and take a sweet nap.
  • SUPPORTING BAND: Attaching a band that will serve both the purpose of holding & supporting the child up against the seat like car belt while the kid will be sleeping in the moving vehicle.
  • UMBRELLA:- use of an umbrella with it will emphasize on more benefit to it by protecting the kid from sun rays and harmful UV rays as well as it will also help in the rainy season from rain and protect form numerous of disease and infection.
  • FAN AND TOYS:- keep some battery operated the fan to make him/her feel comfortable in hot days and toys will help to play and not them feel bored while sitting on it.
  • SPACE AND STORAGE:- having space in it will always be useful for both parent and kids, they can keep milk, snacks, water bottles, their shopping bags, and other necessary things.
  • NET: – cover of mosquito net on the stroller will be very beneficial for a kid from harmful mosquitoes flies and other small insects.
  • HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS:- clean it weekly with soap and clean water and put it out in the sun to dry.
  •  PLASTIC COVER OVER IT: – in winters and cold weather covering will protect from cold breeze and will also help in the rainy season to a child dry.
  • HOOKS: – hooks will be useful to hang some useful things such diapers soft toys of the baby.
  • SECURITY:- adding some locks to it when it needs to park or stand in public place or crowed or another incline area will save the kid from any harm.
  • POUCH: – Additionally hang a pouch on it to keep milk of water bottle straight, or oil for baby massage.
  • HEADBANDS: – attach a head support bands for kids to keep their head incorrect posture when they are sleeping


Strollers make the life of parents a little bit easier. If a couple is new parent or parent of more than 2-3 children its tough for them to carry their child for long distance. As the age of the child increases their weight also increases that also make difficult to hold on the shoulder for long hours. Parenting is all about having patience and putting more n more effort in growing up the child as being the best caretaker. In this situation, stroller helps a lot for that parent who gets frustrated when they go out or carry their kids for long hours. Someone can keep their child on it and can have a safe and convenient walk or trip. The problems happen whenever the parent goes to the crowded place at that time it is also helpful.


Stroller enables the parent to walk more easily on road parks markets or any other place. Without it, it will be hard for parents. It is best for newborn babies. By using it parent have not to worry about weights .work will be easier because without using it weight load will increase day by day.

Storage is also the matter of consideration for parents, so it always is useful to have some space on it. So that one can carry things necessary for the kid when they stay out for long. Things such as diapers, jackets, blankets, water bottles, milk bottles, wipes, sanitizer, and other useful things.

           To keep baby safe in it always stay nearby and never let them alone in the stroller. Be careful that the baby cannot run it by himself/herself. Keep it out from the sun rays and harmful things such as large water reservoirs or fireplace. Always keep it locked when leaving it with your kid.

Strollers are the most important baby product for parents. Whenever a parent is going out, or traveling, or shopping in markets having a stroller make a load of parents lighter.


In the end, I must say stroller make the life of parent little bit easier. It is convenient and easy transportation for babies and allows a parent to spend quality time with their children. Its give a kid a great comfort when they are out from their home and also its become really hard for parents to carry a heavy weight on their shoulder when their child gets older because easier when they are an infant but when their weight increase with age its become difficult and parent feel tired. it is a long lasting option to have it because it is durable. And comes with lots of feature such as help in traveling, storage, safe place to keep the child and carry other important things for the use of a child. And at last thanks to the invention of strollers who made the life of parents easier and safer and comfortable for kids.