The one stroller that you would need in 2019


Price:  499$ when you buy it from Amazcon



XXL Storage Basket

Lightweight Structure but highly flexible & durable

Extremely Compact when folded

Designed for One-handed Folding and Unfolding

Reclinable Seat



Highly Expensive, not all fits the budget if you are tight on your pockets

Flat seat pocket

Fixed Handlebar

Rear brake occasionally catches on the feet


Manufacturer:   Britax

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The Skinny

The Babyzen yoyo+ stroller is one of the top rated Baby strollers on the market. It is suitable for babies starting from 6 months and above, however, an extra attachment is also available for purchase making it suitable for babies from birth to 3 years.

The different unique features used in YOYO+  strollers makes them stand out compared to other conventional. These unique features include One hand folding and unfolding mechanism, XXL storage basket, Extreme compatibility when folded, 4-wheel suspension, 5 point harness.

This stroller comes with UPF 50+ sun protection and Rain covers. One of the major features that should be noted for these strollers is that these strollers can be extremely small when folded that several airlines have accepted the YOYO+ strollers as cabin luggage. Measures 20.5x17x7 inches when folded. Another feature worth mentioning is the one hand folding and unfolding mechanism and it very light in weight. They weigh around 6 kg.

These are capable of carrying a weight up to 40 lbs or 18.2 kg. Also, the 4-wheel suspension makes it much easier to steer and handle. The canopy provides more room and 5-point harness ensures that the baby is held on tight and secure. These strollers come with a travel bag too.

Compare to Similar Products

DescriptionBABYZEN YOYO+BESREY Airplane strollerSummer Infant 3Dzyre Convenience Stroller
Unique AwardGood Design Award 2016Remarked as one of the best travel strollers-
Product Specification Rating
Handling Ease866
Material Quality886
Size: Weight6.2 KG4.8kg8 kg
Output Efficiency977
Feature Comparison
Size (unfolded)41.7x17x33 inches26.77x20.86x40.94 inches41.2x15.9x10.2inches
Weight6.2 kg4.8kg8 kg
Dimension (folded)20.5x17x7 inches 22 x 12 x 11 inches42x12x13 inches
Child Bearing CapacityUp to 18 kgUpto 14 kgUpto 22.7 kg
UPF 50+ sun protection-UV Protection
Includes Rain cover--
ExtendableNot adjustableAdjustable
Umbrella modelSmallUmbrella model
Star Rating4.5833.5
Bottom LineEasy to maneuver, stylish, lightweight option, that fold small with a big price. Perfect for onboard travels in planes.Its one of the lightest strollers however it comes with several limitations the canopy is really small.Its not very sufficient in terms of durability. Its more suitable for travel.For a low cost stroller its pretty easy to maneuver. Not compact though and is much more heavier. However its really good in terms of handling and security

Our Analysis and Test Results


One of the winning factors of the Yoyo+ being that fits into airplane hand luggage and is allowed on board as cabin luggage. The Babyzen yoyo has two key feature that makes them special they are: Its incredible one hand folding mechanism and its lightweight.

These strollers performed well on the city streets however the stroller was inefficient when it came to rough terrains. The stroller came with 4 wheel suspension and had great maneuverability. The stroller is easy to handle. The seat pocket of the stroller was too flat and sacrifices comfortable seating for the baby.

This stroller is perfect for frequent airborne travelers and also for those who take the bus. 

Please read below to have an in depth analysis & review of the product

Materials Used

These strollers are built with lightweight highly flexible aluminum & German Steel alloy as the main component for the frame. The decoration & accessories are crafted from high quality processed leather and foam that provides the child with ultimate comfort. Apart from the handle comes with plastic & rubber coating for better handling & grip. The wheels are multi-directional for easy to & fro movement in any direction.


Padded & Cushioned Seats

Babyzen Yoyo+ Stroller comes with a straight facing seat with a reclined adjustable shoulder & backrest. The reclination is angled in such a way that most of the moms & parents find their child slide down if the harness is attached loosely. This happens to be a commons for this stroller and a lot of people are not fond of it.

Apart from this, the seat is quite comfortable & when reclined flat to a straight angle seems to be a nice place for the kids to have a sound sleep.

The adjustment for the backrest is controlled by a easy operating strap. This strap adjusted backrest is quite nice apart from the fact that the backrest didn’t remained aligned down (even if the child is strapped) when the kid is sitting in an upright position.

Overall the seats are composed of quality cushions that makes it highly padded instead of being thin & light weight. The designers have made the seat quite spacious & wider in comparison to most of the strollers in order to provide the child with a comfortable sleeping space.  The space is around 43 cms which is quite more for a baby of any size to sit or sleep in any posture of his or her choice

** We recommend all to use this for babies with an age of 6+ months.

Ease Of Use

Yoyo strollers come with one hand folding and unfolding mechanism, and it’s incredibly compact when folded. It’s very small when folded that it fits into the overhead storage compartment of an airplane. When folded the babyzen yoyo measures up to 20 X 17 X 17 inches. Also, they are pretty lightweight and comes with a shoulder strap and travel bag for frequent travelers. When folded this stroller easily fits into the trunk of any car.

The folding mechanism is very easy and quick, though it takes some time to get used to. Similarly, unfolding of the stroller is also very easy and quick. Release the clip and shake the package part and pull the lower and upper portions and return them to initial position.

Babyzen yoyo stroller is sturdier and is very easy to drive and has the much lesser plastic touch to it. The handling and suspension of the babyzen are pretty smooth. Its thin and at a time makes an unstable feel but never trips over. The long wheelbase and low seat make it stable. The folding mechanism makes Babyzen YOYO stroller ideal for shopping as you can take it everywhere you go. These strollers move perfectly over grass and gravel.

Storage & Basket

The Babyzen yoyo comes with an XXL storage basket which is 60% larger than an ordinary basket. Speaking specifically about the size of the basket, it measures around 42 cm in length & 22 cm in width. It has a capacity to accommodate freezer & food packs & a handful of clothes & diapers – that is more than anything the baby would require

Also, the back of the seat comes with a small mesh pocket where you can store your daily stuff.

Frame & The Central Skeleton

The frame is the main aluminum construction that holds the entire of the load. These are mainly built with aluminum solid & hollow rods bend in appropriate proportion to get the perfect shape.

Up of that they come with an anti-rust coating to avoid corrosion. These coating also acts in opsonization for the perfect adherence of the spray paint to the surface.

The central frame is quite light in nature but its strength in holding weight as well durability is remarkably good because of the material used & the design of crafting.


When it comes to durability the yoyo stroller turns out okay. The wheels of the yoyo stroller are moves well on both gravel and grass, but we cannot say the same on cracked roads, gravel, and mud. The babyzen yoyo stroller comes with SOFT DRIVE system which enhances the stability and steering performance.

Up of that, the aluminium frame & the materials used makes it a long lasting & durable product.

5 Point Harness

The babyzen yoyo Stroller comes with the state of art safety features. It has the 5-point harness strapping system that comes with 2 straps. One of which holds the hips & the legs where as the other one holds the baby from the shoulder.

Up of that interestingly the designers have clubbed the harness pads with the harness straps so that the sliding or sipping while restricting the child is reduced & gets diminished to a maximum extent.

The buckles are easy open & close are located on the side which allows extra insertion of cushions or pads for added comfort. Apart from that the straps come with D rings for adding extra straps in case any extra prevention is necessary .

Comfort & Pleasure

This stroller on an overall is designed keeping in mind about the sensitive kids & environmental hazards. The most sensitive & soothing part of it is its flip-flop braking & wide suspension. Not on paper but in actual reality these are highly sensitive which is amazing comfort on off roads & rough terrains. Though you may catch it by accident if you are not aware of your steps. The brake is very easy to lock and unlock. Simply press the little red pedal located at the bottom right to lock the stroller.

Folding & Unfolding Mechanism

Folding & Unfolding Mechanism

It folding & Unfolding mechanism is a love for all. Its acts like a magic, its acts like it happens voluntarily on its own as per your needs, faster than the wink of your eyes.

The Babyzen yoyo strollers come with a convertible canopy. The buttons located at the backrest along with the handle enables the folding of the canopy. This can be done even while the baby is still in the seat. For folding the stroller, you will find a red button under the seat that needs to be pressed down and pull the hand toward you then the stroller can be folded. Once it’s completely folded the stroller locks automatically. Then using the metal bar or the safety harness you can carry it like a handbag

Its folding mechanism is the principal reason behind its huge sale, something that has make it stand out of the pack – this is not on paper but on practically a unique technology to boon the lives of parents

This video from the manufacturer is definitely going to help you correctly perform the folding Unfolding. Initially it would be a bit tricky – i personally felt like that but once you practice a few times, there is nothing better than this.