Parenting and its Issues:

Parenting is one of the most amazing experiences but easily frustrating at times too! It’s almost a challenge that parents have to deal with in their everyday lives. From changing diapers to feed a child, there’s a long list that I can go on and on about.

Being a parent, although is an emotionally surreal experience, it doesn’t come without its stresses.   

  1. One of the major parenting issues is the child’s frequent tantrums. A child crying at the top of his/her voice can easily be the toughest job to handle. The problem adds on when the child does not listen to them at all!
  2. Another common issue is where children do not obey their parents. We all have disobeyed our parents at a certain point in our lives, isn’t it?

There are many more such parenting issues and it is better solved with proper understanding and patience.


Modern Day Parenting

Being a parent is a full-time job, a job, if not done correctly, can have adverse effects to not just the baby but the entire family. One such amenity which comes to the parents’ aid, which helps to a certain extent limit the exertion and the stress, is the baby carrier or strollers. It has helped solve major parenting issues.



A “stroller” is a means of transport especially used for carrying babies and infants. There are many more such terms used as a replacement for “strollers”- baby transport, pram, pushchair, buggy, child/baby carrier. 

There has been an evolution of carriers focused solely for carrying babies effortlessly, that has been developed over time in various cultures in different parts of the world. From prams to strollers to backpacks and slings, there have been many more such examples to give you an insight on how technology has reduced our workload. The heavier prams, once used extensively throughout the Victorian era, got replaced by lighter ones. The evolution of humans had an important impact on the development of baby carriers. Due to the emergence of bipedalism, people started using slings, backpacks, hip carriers for babies who could no longer cling on to their mothers for support.



Uses of stroller: 

  1. Traveling convenience
  2. It provides convenience and comfort to the baby
  3. There are many inbuilt safety features which provide the child safety and the canopy provides protection from sunlight and its harmful UV rays.
  4. It helps parents to exercise and enjoy the cool breeze while moving their babies around.
  5. Strollers provide extra storage.
  6. Strollers help in carrying more than one baby.


Types of strollers:
  1. Standard strollers (regular strollers)
  2. Jogging strollers (especially used for runners)
  3. traveling systems (for traveling in a car)
  4. Tandem or double strollers (can hold two children at the same time)
  5. Lightweight or umbrella strollers


Light Weight Strollers

Here, I will be mostly focusing on a type of stroller, i.e., the lightweight stroller or an umbrella stroller. The lightweight or umbrella strollers are not equipped with an efficient amount of padding and are not usually equipped. They can be modified, but only to an extent. Lightweight strollers are best suited for older babies or toddlers, and children who are one year old or more. Infants are usually not carried in this type of strollers, as it is not much equipped with proper head support or the required reclamation is not possible.

Lightweight strollers are named due to its lightweight. It is easily portable and can even be stored in an airplane trunk or bin or even in a closet. These type of baby carriages are highly preferable for weekend jaunts, but even then, parents find it less fitting for their babies, as they feel it is rather uncomfortable for the babies in case of a longer journey. The market statistics show a higher rate of sale in case of lightweight strollers, due to its highly foldable and portable property.


Aspects of Light Weight Strollers

Ultra-lightweight strollers or more specifically an umbrella stroller which is named due to their hooked handles are the second best after the lightweight ones due to its ultra-lightweight property. These ones are quite affordable and can be easily used for traveling in cars for a much shorter jaunt. Umbrella strollers are never recommended for little infants because of its very little reclamation for support.



Being a parent is an experience of a lifetime. A lifetime of joy and happiness. And what is a joy which doesn’t come without its set of challenges and stresses? There is so much a parent has to worry about, from their child’s health to happiness. And especially in today’s world, the stress of parenting is paramount. And that’s where the strollers come, to reduce a few moments of stress, to add a little bit of convenience to an already hectic life. So that, the parent can forget one worry of carrying the baby and focus on what really matters – the smiles!